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Grieving can be a hard process, but it does not have to be.  Sometimes we just need to take off the many masks that we wear that we believe are to convince others that we are okay, when really we are trying to convince ourselves of that very same thing.  Are you ready to embrace the grieving process as a way to heal yourself?  Grieving is simply acknowledging what has happened, accepting it, and allowing your mind, emotions, body, soul, and spirit to do what it needs to do heal itself.  In grief their is silence, anger, hurt, pain, and sometimes celebrations of the one's who's souls have journeyed on from the pain and agony of this life on this side of eternity.  'Healing While Grieving'will help you through it all.  In a self-help, workbook, daily devotional style, Angel gives you tools, her heart, her experiences, and personal therapeutic approaches that she has used in her grieving process as well as her journey of helping others to heal while they grieve. This book can be read and used during anytime of the grieving process. The key is to begin the process.  Now it's your time to heal!

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