House of Abba LLC.

Providing Professional Counseling, Speaking, and Group Presentation Services

I meet my clients where they are in their life and help them develop a plan and put it into action to live the kind of life they want. I offer premarital counseling, individual, couples, family, and counseling for couples who want to reconcile using Boundaries in Marriage workbook and class outlines tailored to fit your specific need. There is much work to do, so let me help you get started on your path to living the type of LIFE that you want to live! Stop just existing and live and embrace a life of calling, love, and truth.

My approach marries professional counseling and spiritual counseling together. Use of prayer, scriptural references, personal insights and reflections. Life coaching approaches are used to empower and motivate you. You can live as you desire if you have the motivation and courage to break past barriers and believe that YOU CAN!